Beardscape launches line of Organic Beard Oil

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Beardscape, a family-owned beard maintenance company based out of Santa Monica, CA, launches a line of organic beard oil. With three generations of barbers in the family, it is clear to see that Beardscape has the experience to release a high quality beard product that exceeds the industry standards.

The first line of beard care products includes 3 different scents of beard oils; Citrus Spice, Eucalyptus, and Unscented. Each beard oil has it's own distinct smell and beard moisturizing properties. The underlining health benefit for men to use beard oil on their facial hair is to reduce itchiness caused by dry skin, remove facial dandruff, and moisturize both the beard hair and the skin beneath the beard.

The Citrus Spice beard oil has an exquisite characteristic that includes orange citrus, clove spice, a hint of vanilla to add just the right amount of sweetness. Some customers have described as "Christmas in a bottle" due to its aromatic similarity to pumpkin spice.

The Eucalyptus beard oil has a refreshing aromatherapy that includes eucalyptus, peppermint, and a hint of spearmint that will remind you of a spring oasis.

The Unscented beard oil shares the same quality beard moisturizing formula as the other two flavors, but does not include any added scents. The reason behind this variation is due to the request of customers wanting the same curing qualities without that the added scents that will conflict with any of their applied colognes or scented body sprays.

Beardscape Co. is proud to launch it's business in the city of Santa Monica, CA and is looking forward to extending it's organic beard care products to its customer across the United States.

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