About Us

BEARDSCAPE is a family-owned, supplier of USDA Certified Organic men's personal care products. It was founded on carrying on a rich family tradition of quality and service among three generations of barbers. The first generation of high quality artisan beard care began in the 1890's with our great-grandfather Thomás Padilla. The artisan tradition of beard care was then passed onto his son José, who brought over his passion and expertise to the United States in the 1940's. As José established his artisan profession out of his own home in sunny Santa Monica, California, he used traditional barber care processes for his customers. Thus creating a reputation for high quality grooming, which spread amongst his community. 

Till this day, BEARDSCAPE uses only all natural and organic ingredients for their beard care products. With an impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction and professional service, the family behind BEARDSCAPE has compacted four generations of male grooming expertise into multiple organic beard care products to give you the perfect beard you deserve.